Why you need to buy a land in ibeju lekki

7 Reasons Why You Need to Buy Land in Ibeju – Lekki Today

why are people buying land in ibeju lekki
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Landed properties over the decades, have proven to be the most lucrative form of investment, providing the highest return, greatest value, and at the least risk. Landed properties, be it lands or houses are imperishable assets, ever increasing in value and are the most solid, indestructible security that human ingenuity has ever devised. This is simply because it has the potential of generating income for the owner without having to do the actual work of appreciation.

Lagos, Nigeria’s business nerve center and commercial capital of West Africa, has over the decades experienced exponential population growth owing to unending rural-urban migration,

increased industrialization, organized private sector businesses and multinationals. The immediate and extremely visible consequence of this population explosion is the housing shortage crisis.”

This is a boon to the real estate sector as holders of assets, primarily housing and land benefit tremendously in increased property appreciation within a short period of time.

Below are additional nine compelling reasons why you need to buy land in Ibeju-Lekki today.

dangote refinery close to ibeju lekki
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Dangote Oil Refinery Company (Dangote) is constructing an integrated refinery and petrochemical complex in the Lekki Free Zone near Ibeju – Lekki, Lagos. The refinery is expected to be the world’s biggest single-train facility, upon completion in 2021.

Marine facility at lekki
The project includes the development of a marine facility with jetty and harbor facilities all located in the Lekki free trade zone.


resort area around ibeju lekki land

Owning a piece of land in Ibeju-Lekki, will afford you the proximity to tourist attractions such as La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Eleko beach and other amazing luxury places, and of course high value appreciation within the shortest possible time


The appreciation rate of land value in the Lekki region is one of the highest in the country. If you buy land in Ibeju-Lekki today, you will definitely be able to sell for at least double the price in a year’s time. On the other hand, if you choose to build on it, you can be guaranteed of profitable return on investment in no time. This is because more exposure is coming to the area, with big companies buying off more land to develop and resell at higher rates to people in the future.


Fourth mainland bridge in lekki

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Accessibility to other areas of the city through well-structured road networks is a major requirement in purchasing any property. The government has given future landowners a reason to buy land in the area as they have begun the construction of the 4th Mainland bridge. The proposed bridge passes through Lekki, Langbasa and Baiyeiku towns along the shoreline of the Lagos Lagoon estuaries, further running through Igbogbo River Basin and crossing the Lagos Lagoon estuaries to Itamaga Area in Ikorodu. It then crosses the Itoikin road and the Ikorodu – Sagamu Road to connect Isawo inward Lagos Ibadan Expressway at Ojodu Berger axis. When completed, the Fourth Mainland Bridge would be will be the longest in Africa. The moment this happens, the land value would skyrocket, leaving late buyers with exorbitant prices to purchase. It is better to buy now and come back in five years time to enjoy the benefits


properties close to lekki free trade zone
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The Lagos Free Trade Zone is the first private owned free trade zone in Nigeria. Spread over 805 hectares of land, the zone will have several industrial zones and offer access to an enormous consumer market across West Africa. With its numerous industrial zones and well-laid plans for efficient operations, the Lagos Free Trade Zone is strategically located close to the Port@Lekki and is well connected to regional and international routes. This zone has been designed to become a new Lagos and has been granted a series of preferential policies and incentives, and designated as a special economic zone inside Nigeria. Lekki Free Trade Zone will provide an ideal platform to open up diverse market for all investors and enterprises in the world. It will be a unique landmark of the future development of Lagos state and Nigeria as a whole.


the new lagos the future of lagos
Old vs New Lagos

Twenty years from now, you may be disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. Nothing hurts more than regrets at old age of not taking decision to own landed properties during the development phase of the city. The region has been designed to be a new Lagos, and buying a landed property today would guarantee you a profitable return on investment and lasting legacy in the nearest future.


A vast majority of the lands in this region are not populated by indigenes and natives, thus eliminating the problems associated with omo-onile, land grabbers and harassment of buyers. Going by the Land Use Decree of March, 1978 that vested all lands in every state of the Federation under the control of the State Governors, a vast portion of the lands have been excised to real estate developers. (Read the Blog news: Understanding Land titles and Documents in Nigeria for more). This is to promote private sector participation in meeting the housing deficit currently being experienced in the country.

With the construction of the Lekki Deep Sea Port, the New International Airport, Dangote Oil Refinery, Pan Atlantic University, St Augustine University, Eleganza Industrial City, different beach resorts, the proposed 4th Mainland bridge, and other amazing infrastructure, it is obvious that an investment in land around Ibeju Lekki will reap massive returns few years from now.

More and more people are buying land in ibeju-lekki today and the bad news is, as the days go by, the land is becoming less available at affordable rate.

Don’t make the mistake of not owning a piece of property in Ibeju Lekki today.

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